Mt. Cruiser, June 20, 2015

What a wierd year in the Northwest: perfect warm June weather in the Olympics, negligible snow: only 40 feet of bypassable snow in the approach gully to Cruiser. Climbing the day before the solstice allowed us to play around on the standard South Corner 5.0, plus the 5.7 West-Southwest route and the very cool Needle (5.2?).

The West-Southwest route is really just 5.6 if you pick your line well, from the very top/left end of the flake, and actually protects OK without hunting for the invisible purported bolts.

Check out the tiny, overhung summit block on the Needle! Well worth the thin pro (mostly slung horns) to get there.

Thanks to a great crew of old-timers and one young buck for a very pleasent outing, especially to Thomas Dodson for his assist! mapping page

p1020869   p1020870  

p1020871   p1020872  

p1020873   p1020874  

p1020875   p1020876  

p1020877   p1020878  

p1020879   p1020881  

p1020882   p1020883  

p1020884   p1020885  

p1020886   p1020887  

p1020888   p1020889  

p1020890   p1020891  

p1020892   p1020893  

p1020894   p1020895  

p1020896   p1020897  

p1020898   p1020899  

p1020900   p1020901  

p1020902   p1020904  

p1020905   p1020906  

p1020907   p1020908  

p1020909   p1020910  

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p1020913   p1020914  

p1020916   p1020917  

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p1020924   p1020925