North Sister, NE Ridge, July 22, 2012

Lead a fantastic group of 10 Mazamas plus my daughter Katie up the rarely-climbed NE ridge on North Sister. Great assist, Mark Fowler!

The NE shoulder of Prouty Pinnacle is definitely my most junk lead ever, barely beating out the first pitch on Glisan pinnacle (which I remembered being not so bad last time I made it to the saddle between the two pinnacles). Neither pitch had anything truly solid anywhere. But we got 11 folks up it, and it only took 19 hours.

And, the hike in and the base camp are as terrific as I remember. mapping page

p1020154   p1020171  

p1020172   p1020173  

p1020174   p1020176  

p1020177   p1020178  

p1020179   p1020180  

p1020181   p1020183  

p1020184   p1020185  

p1020186   p1020187  

p1020188   p1020190  

p1020192   p1020194  

p1020195   p1020196  

p1020198   p1020199  

p1020200   p1020201  

p1020202   p1020203  

p1020205   p1020207  

p1020208   p1020211  

p1020212   p1020213  

p1020214   p1020215  

p1020216   p1020217  

p1020219   p1020220  

p1020223   p1020224  

p1020225   p1020226  

p1020227   p1020228