Mt Constance, Tunnel Creek, Sept 17 2011

We took another shot at the Tunnel Creek route, delayed until September due to the rock that rolled onto the road, blocking it until the end of August. Forecast was spot-on - we had good weather and a sunny afternoon, with the rain - and plenty of it - arriving just before dark just as we got back to camp. So we ran out of time to finish the final traverse to the summit block, but we did get through and well past the best part - the "Fingertip Traverse".

A major delay was the short section of steep snow past the notch, that I wasn't expecting, so we didn't bring crampons. Afterwe got through it, a soloist comes scrambling down from the rocks above. Now I know better - I am a rock climber, after all!

Another time, with more daylight and a clearer forecast...

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