Chimney Rock - skunked again
June 25, 2011

We had a great snow climb - because that's what there was - solid snow from 4200 on up, patchy from Pete Lake. The route was unclimbable - the first 5.6 rock pitch was covered with snow minefields, the ledges with fluted snow that looked to be about 55 degrees. So we lounged on a perch at 6000 feet on the small spire above the bivvy basin, with a fantastic view, then more lounging around a nice campfire at our bivvy rock camp at 4100 feet for hours...most fun non-climb ever!

Note for next time - try skipping the bivvy basin, angling up and right directly toward the saddle below the East Face. Can probably find high bivvy sites late season just before the saddle.

p1010643   p1010644  


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