"Exfoliation Dome Aug 2010"

Exfoliation is a little hump of granite about 1 hr of backroads out of Darrington Washington. (If you call 10 pitches little.) One of the reasons I'd like to have a little cabin retreat in the Darrrington area...

Sue Nelson and I went up to do this, I on the way to Sahale, she on the way to Squamish. West Buttress, the easiest route (what we did), is 5.9, which keeps the riff-raff out, along with the 1 hour bushwhack approach and the road washout! (Bushwhacking up the trees on the left of the watercourse is a better and faster idea than scrambling the steep, exposed slabs.)

Steep, clean granite, excellent pro, all in all a very nice day. Next time, we need to finish it to the top, instead of going slow as usual and stopping at the top of the main route at the ledges.

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