"Acker Rock, Peregrine Traverse"

Acker Rock: without question, the best, most solid, grippiest rock in Oregon - the perfect place for "Oregon's longest rock route!" - the "Peregrine Traverse": 10 pitches, 5.7. This area, developed only since 1999 by Greg Ortner, with more development underway and lots of room for more, deserves your attention. Forget Smith, spend the extra driving hour from PDX and go here. Check out the full description of the Peregrine Traverse in Weekend Rock Oregon, by Ron Horton, as well as several of the Sun Bowl routes at the foot of the Traverse. Russ and I are headed back ASAP to check out the new 5 pitch 5.8 bolted route on the s. face of the west buttress (as best I can describe it, having only caught a glimpse of climbers on it, looking west from the Traverse).

Note - the first photo is at the Callahans, which makes a decent afternoon warmup after driving down for Acker.

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