"Washington Pass AR outing Aug 5-9 2010"

These photos are from my Mazamas AR outing for 2010. Participants: Glenn Widener, Kevin Kuo, Lisa Ripps, and Pat Clark. A nicy cozy crew and despite shakey forecasts, a great weekend with a good climb each day. Kevin and I started it off on a high note, arriving late Thursday evening for a fine Friday on Burgundy Spire.

In the evening after Burgundy, we connected at the Lone Fir camp with Lisa Ripps and Pat Clark, who on arrival in the afternoon had done a crazy scramble up from the hairpin turn onto the apron of Early Winters, complete with raps into gullies with waterfalls, heinous rubble scrambping, etc. Too much adventure for me.

On Saturday, Lisa and I did Beckey on Liberty Bell, descending wet and scary gully slabs, while Kevin relaxed and Pat ran back to Seattle for a family reunion. Then we all had a fine relaxed day Sunday going over Kangaroo Pass and doing North Ridge on Kangaroo Temple, as the light showers ended and the sun came out. A gorgeous day on great, fun rock, with the entire trip all to ourselves - it doesn't get much better!

Next year - there's oh so much left to do - South Face of Cutthroat is calling, lots more routes on Liberty Bell group, NW face on Kangaroo Temple, and so much more!

Lisa & Glenn on Beckey Route, Liberty Bell, Lisa in the thick of p. 2 chimney:

p1010308   p1010309  


Pika below Pika Peak (actually at the hairpin turn)


Trail from the hairpin turn up to Kangaroo Pass:

p1010315   p1010316   p1010317  

Pika Peak, on the ridge between Early Winter Spires and Kangaroo Pass, supposedly a nice little climb.

p1010318   p1010320  

Small lake below Kangaroo Pass. Nice.

p1010321   p1010322   p1010323  

Kangaroo Temple, Platypus and Tomahawk, from just over Kangaroo Pass:


Liberty Bell Group, Cutthroat behind, from Kangaroo Temple summit:

p1010324   p1010325  

Full panorama from summit of Kangaroo Temple here, parts below:


The Fin and Tomahawk, left->right, LL corner of photo:

p1010328   p1010329  

Copper Peak:

p1010330   p1010331  

Wallaby and Half Moon:

p1010333   p1010336  

Rapping the Kangaroo Temple N. Face to the notch, where we harrassed a beautiful goat:

p1010338   p1010339  

p1010341   p1010342  

p1010344   p1010346   p1010347  

p1010348   p1010349  

p1010350   p1010352  

p1010354   p1010356  

p1010358   p1010359   p1010360  

Kangaroo Ridge from the trail back to the road in the evening light.

p1010362   p1010363  


Ah, we shall return...

p1010365   p1010366